The Nurse

Story Time

Story time!!!

Here are the prompts for you to fill out for our adult version of Mad Libs. Don’t worry… this isn’t an English test. Plus, there’s always Google if you can’t remember if an adjective or an adverb typically ends in -ly.
(Psst. It’s an adverb).

Write your answers down before you move ahead to the story.

Trust me… it’s better this way. Otherwise it’s like peeking at your Christmas presents early or finding out you’re getting a surprise birthday party. Or like your mom taking you shopping to buy clothes for your 16th birthday, but not letting you wear them until  your birthday. And then demanding you act surprised.

Peeking at the story is a lot like that.

K, Ready? Thinking caps on!

________________________(type of doctor)
________________________(body part)
________________________(same relative)
________________________(famous singer)
________________________(measure of time)
“_______________________” (quote from movie or song)
________________________(your answer to the question “Are you single & ready to mingle?”).

Ok – that’s it, but don’t read ahead if you’ve not answered yet.

I mean it!

In fact, to slow you down a bit, here are all the free nurse related pictures I could find online to help keep you from being tempted to cheat.

Good job!

Now for the exciting culmination of our story, The Nurse!

Not too long ago, I went to my ____________ (type of doctor). I really didn’t want to, but my _______________(relative) said I simply had to take care of my aching ___________(body part) because they just couldn’t take any more of my complaining. And boy was my __________________(same relative) right!

Doctor ______________(famous singer) exclaimed upon seeing it,
“Oh my goodness! That’s the most ____________ (adjective) one of these I’ve ever seen! If you had come to see me even __________ (number) __________ (measure of time) later, you may have died!”

Immediately, the doctor called in the nurse, who was extremely __________ (adjective). In fact, I didn’t know how to act around this mesmerizing creature, as beautiful as a wild ______________(animal)! In my excitement, I got my words all mixed up. I meant to say, “Thank you for taking care of me nurse”.
But instead I just blurted out, “___________________________________________!” (quote from movie or song).

My beautiful nurse looked aghast, and started to slowly walk out of the room. I was so embarrassed! My flushed cheeks and sheepish grin must have been obvious. The nurse then smiled and said, “You too, _____________”(vegetable).

I couldn’t believe my ears! Was I falling in love?

I gasped and shouted, “Would you do me the honor of being my lawfully wedded nurse?!”

To which my nurse-y-poo simply replied, _______________ (answer to the question “Are you single & ready to mingle?”).

The End



Whatcha think? Fun as you remember, or better now that your 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Cornwall, isn’t grading you on spelling?

PLEASE share your answers with me!! I’ll be doing a dramatic reading of some of my favorites and posting them to YouTube. The world needs your GENIUS and I presume hilarious story!

xoxo, Heather