YOU Aren’t What You Have

The Heart

You are not what you do, have, etc….

I’m in the hotel bar, and I’m next to a man and woman having what seems to be drinks before dinner on a first date.

I’m still waiting on a glass of wine to be poured, and this guy has mentioned how much money he has 3 times.

“I just gotta have money and a good job, and then maybe I can get a pretty girl like you.”

No, dude. There is so much more to it. Having money and a job isn’t all that you are.

What happens if you lose that money and job?
You continue to exist.
Who are you deep down??

Connect to yourself.
Let go of perfectionism.
Speak from your heart.

Wine’s here.

Just Start

The Heart

Thanks for joining me!

I couldn’t be happier you’re here.

I’ve been on a self development journey for over 3 years, and boy am I a planner. I’ve planned to start blog, then a business, then I sulked for a few months, and now I’m back!

I’ve been connecting to my heart.
Not dulling the pain.

The pain I couldn’t put a name to, but that kept me drunk and overweight for 37 years (well, just the overweight part. The drunk part didn’t start quite that early!).

I couldn’t put my finger on just what is was.
Until one day, in an hour long meditation, I just sobbed.

And each tear was a memory I was dying to shed, but couldn’t let go.
I didn’t worry about naming it.
Where did it come from?
How long was it there?
Didn’t I already forgive this?

I just let go.

And just like that, 2 weeks ago, my life changed.
I’m connected to my heart, and I check in with it every day.
And it’s got fucking fantastic ideas!
Like reconciling how many obese people there are in America with how many kids go to bed hungry and unsure where their next meal will come from. And how we have so many homeless while most of middle america parks in their driveways or has a storage unit in light of all the crap they have in their homes. (And it’s stressing them the hell out!)

So, today, I’m starting.
Sharing what I’m learning.
Sharing what will make you grow too.
Sharing what makes us both laugh.

But starting!!!

“I didn’t fail 1,000 times. I found 999 ways that didn’t work” – Thomas Edison

F.A.I.L. – First Attempt In Learning