Is it a Breakdown or a Breakthrough?

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I sat on my bed, journal in hand, and sobbed.
Slam a door. 
Curse the sky.
It was like I was fourteen years old again. 
I’m sure to most people, including my husband, I probably looked insane. 
He ran on some errands and when he returned, his wife was a crying, heaping mess.
I’m sure someone would have called TruTV… “Get Snapped on the line! We’ve got a live one!”
But, what I see now is that I didn’t snap. 
I felt. 
As in “feelings”. 
You know… those things we talk about but as soon as they come up, we grab a drink, our phones, the remote or decide this is the perfect time to run errands or catch up on work.
See, on Sunday, I was living in deep shame. 
But instead of grabbing something, I closed my eyes and jumped into the deep end. 
I was going to FEEL my way through this pain. 
Cause,  you see, until about 5 months ago, I didn’t know what it was like to feel your feelings. 
I mean, I’m not a dumbass. I knew that feelings were meant to be FELT. 
But, what I’ve learned is I was feeling them with my mind. 
Maybe you do to?
Let’s try something…
Think about a time you were hurt emotionally. When someone said or did something that really made you sad. You felt unseen. Unheard. Disrespected. Discarded.
Frankly, you knew in your hard that in that moment, you didn’t mean shit to that person. 
Where do you feel that?
Your head?
Tension in your shoulders?
Does your face scrunch up in pain and anger?
Though those are valid feelings and emotions, I charge that perhaps you’re not FEELING your feelings.
I’ve found that feelings are in your BODY, not your head. 
When you feel that profound sense of disconnection, it’s often in your stomach, your solar plexus… your heart.
Well, Sunday, I was in my heart. 
And on any other given Sunday, my breakdown would have been the end of me that day.
I’d choose to sit in self-pity, self-righteousness, shame, regret and anger. 
And I’d just push pause on my life as much as I could with 2 toddlers and an endless to-do list.
But this week, I chose differently because I knew differently. 
I knew differently because I have a coach. 
Someone I can reach out to while I’m learning to perfect the ART of BEING ME. 
And I asked her for help. 
“How do I reset? I feel like I’m spiraling?”
I wanted to do something differently. 
I knew what laid at the end of shame, pity, regret, and anger… and you know what’s there? More shame, pity, regret and anger. #beentheredonethat
So, I CHOSE to shift.
I chose to do it differently this time. 
When I chose to do things differently; when I asked myself new questions…. I found that a Breakthrough is just a Breakdown waiting to be used. 
I took what looked messy, sad and a bit fucked up and turned it into a total breakthrough. 
I saw myself. 
With unconditionally loving eyes.
I forgave.
I challenged myself to do better.
And I gave myself grace. 
Cause God and all his angels know I’m doing my best.
I know I’m changed. 
I can’t prove it. 
I don’t have the receipts. 
But my heart knows. 
And now you know too. 
See your pain. 
Meet it. 
Join it. 
Love it.
Then turn your breakdown into a breakthrough by choosing to do it differently this time.
xoxo Heather Garcia

10 Things I Know to Be True

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Growing, changing and evolving is pretty much my priority every day.
My family actually comes second to this quest.
Which I’m sure would make some people very upset. Maybe even some people in my family.

But, I know when I engage with this every day, face it, feel all the feelings (I honestly didn’t know I was thinking my feelings instead of feeling them for years), I will be a better wife, mom, employee, blogger…. all of it. It’s like putting your oxygen mask on first. I have to fill myself up first before I try to be all of the things I am to other people. I tried not doing that for about 5 years and it just about sucked the life out of me.

So, here are 10 things I know to be true… for me.

  1. When I’m more active, I’m in less physical pain and have less addiction cravings.
  2. I’m in alignment more and more often. It’s ok that it’s taking time.
  3. I’m totally capable of showing up for myself and it’s getting easier every day.
  4. If I do some small things around the house every day, it will make me feel more at peace.
  5. I can clear my personal cache anytime. I’m totally able to just walk away from my history if it doesn’t serve me.
  6. Silence & deep breathing helps me connect with myself immediately.
  7. Throwing away, declining gifts, and donating things that I don’t need or love clears up my energetic space & blesses others.
  8. I’m worthy. Period.
  9. I’m getting better and better and moving things from knowing them in my head to feeling them in my body.
  10. It’s ok that I really only have 9 things.

What are your 10 things? 5? 2? Come on… just 1?

xoxo – H



Silence is Golden

The Soul

Taking time this Sunday to connect with me.

My practice isn’t perfect, or even consistent yet.

But it’s mine. And I’m doing it.

I’m showing up every day to connect, even if briefly, to that quiet still voice.

That voice has led me to some amazing breakthroughs, to peace, and to some amazing ideas that scare the crap out of me. (Those are the good ones!)

I encourage you to shut it down for even 5 minutes and be still.

Whatever comes up is perfect.

Enjoy meeting yourself!

The Nurse

Story Time

Story time!!!

Here are the prompts for you to fill out for our adult version of Mad Libs. Don’t worry… this isn’t an English test. Plus, there’s always Google if you can’t remember if an adjective or an adverb typically ends in -ly.
(Psst. It’s an adverb).

Write your answers down before you move ahead to the story.

Trust me… it’s better this way. Otherwise it’s like peeking at your Christmas presents early or finding out you’re getting a surprise birthday party. Or like your mom taking you shopping to buy clothes for your 16th birthday, but not letting you wear them until  your birthday. And then demanding you act surprised.

Peeking at the story is a lot like that.

K, Ready? Thinking caps on!

________________________(type of doctor)
________________________(body part)
________________________(same relative)
________________________(famous singer)
________________________(measure of time)
“_______________________” (quote from movie or song)
________________________(your answer to the question “Are you single & ready to mingle?”).

Ok – that’s it, but don’t read ahead if you’ve not answered yet.

I mean it!

In fact, to slow you down a bit, here are all the free nurse related pictures I could find online to help keep you from being tempted to cheat.

Good job!

Now for the exciting culmination of our story, The Nurse!

Not too long ago, I went to my ____________ (type of doctor). I really didn’t want to, but my _______________(relative) said I simply had to take care of my aching ___________(body part) because they just couldn’t take any more of my complaining. And boy was my __________________(same relative) right!

Doctor ______________(famous singer) exclaimed upon seeing it,
“Oh my goodness! That’s the most ____________ (adjective) one of these I’ve ever seen! If you had come to see me even __________ (number) __________ (measure of time) later, you may have died!”

Immediately, the doctor called in the nurse, who was extremely __________ (adjective). In fact, I didn’t know how to act around this mesmerizing creature, as beautiful as a wild ______________(animal)! In my excitement, I got my words all mixed up. I meant to say, “Thank you for taking care of me nurse”.
But instead I just blurted out, “___________________________________________!” (quote from movie or song).

My beautiful nurse looked aghast, and started to slowly walk out of the room. I was so embarrassed! My flushed cheeks and sheepish grin must have been obvious. The nurse then smiled and said, “You too, _____________”(vegetable).

I couldn’t believe my ears! Was I falling in love?

I gasped and shouted, “Would you do me the honor of being my lawfully wedded nurse?!”

To which my nurse-y-poo simply replied, _______________ (answer to the question “Are you single & ready to mingle?”).

The End



Whatcha think? Fun as you remember, or better now that your 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Cornwall, isn’t grading you on spelling?

PLEASE share your answers with me!! I’ll be doing a dramatic reading of some of my favorites and posting them to YouTube. The world needs your GENIUS and I presume hilarious story!

xoxo, Heather



Writing a Poem

The Heart

Writing a poem isn’t so hard,
at least if you know about rhymes.
It’s all in the drama, pause, and pacing of words
so they ebb and flow at the exact right time.

Writing a poem isn’t so hard,
at least if you’re into that kind of thing.
It’s certainly much more difficult, I admit,
if you hate beauty, rhythm and words that sing.

Writing a poem isn’t so hard,
at least if your fingernails are dry.
Just try explaining drips of “Fuschia Power”
all over your keyboard to the company IT Guy.

Writing a poem isn’t so hard,
at least if you write as if no one will read it.
The best poems, after all,
are when the author is as delighted as a reader.