10 Things I Know to Be True

Growing, changing and evolving is pretty much my priority every day.
My family actually comes second to this quest.
Which I’m sure would make some people very upset. Maybe even some people in my family.

But, I know when I engage with this every day, face it, feel all the feelings (I honestly didn’t know I was thinking my feelings instead of feeling them for years), I will be a better wife, mom, employee, blogger…. all of it. It’s like putting your oxygen mask on first. I have to fill myself up first before I try to be all of the things I am to other people. I tried not doing that for about 5 years and it just about sucked the life out of me.

So, here are 10 things I know to be true… for me.

  1. When I’m more active, I’m in less physical pain and have less addiction cravings.
  2. I’m in alignment more and more often. It’s ok that it’s taking time.
  3. I’m totally capable of showing up for myself and it’s getting easier every day.
  4. If I do some small things around the house every day, it will make me feel more at peace.
  5. I can clear my personal cache anytime. I’m totally able to just walk away from my history if it doesn’t serve me.
  6. Silence & deep breathing helps me connect with myself immediately.
  7. Throwing away, declining gifts, and donating things that I don’t need or love clears up my energetic space & blesses others.
  8. I’m worthy. Period.
  9. I’m getting better and better and moving things from knowing them in my head to feeling them in my body.
  10. It’s ok that I really only have 9 things.

What are your 10 things? 5? 2? Come on… just 1?

xoxo – H



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