Hi, I’m Heather.

I’m a life & embodiment coach.

I show my clients how to embody changes that result in life-altering emotional and mental break-throughs.  They learn how to tear down the barriers that have kept them underwhelmed with their current state and overwhelmed contemplating their future.

My clients are achievers.
They are self-reflective.
They are curious about life and their own potential.
And, they understand the powerful energy behind taking meaningful action.

My clients have asked themselves repeatedly:
– Is it truly possible for my dreams to come true?
– Was I put on the earth to do this job, or is there more?
– How can I contribute and serve in a truly meaningful way?

You’re my client, and I’m your coach, if you’re ready to answer these questions for yourself once and for all.

You’ve already seen all the YouTube videos you can handle.
You’ve read half the self-help section of the bookstore.
You’re over your own excuses and hitting the same brick walls.

You’re ready to…

  • Put playing small in the rear view
  • Do the deep inner work it takes to realize your dreams
  • Be open and deeply coachable
  • Tap into your own inner strength and higher power to become the most extraordinary version of yourself available

If this is you, connect with me at to get you where your heart has been begging you to finally go.

So much love,

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